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The Pig and the Balloons: a fable from Eastern Europe

One day, a pig emerged from his dwelling with two balloons. One balloon was perfectly round and a dark blue color. The other balloon was ovoid and bright green.

The pig approached his friend the child and said, "I have two balloons. One is for myself and the other can be for you. Tell me, friend Child, which of these balloons do you prefer?"

Unbeknownst to the child, the pig was planning a cruel trick. Upon the child's selecting of a favored balloon, the pig would then keep this chosen balloon for himself, giving to the child the other balloon which was not chosen. This act would cement the pig's position as the dominant one of the pair while still allowing him to be seen as noble for giving a gift to the child. If any complaints should then arise regarding this trick, the child would then be seen as being petulant and ungrateful.

However, the child said, "Oh friend Pig, both of these balloons are acceptable to me. Either one will do just fine. Thank you for your generous gift!"

His plan thwarted, the pig flew into a rage and shouted, "You are filth! Those who have no preference do not deserve to exist for they serve no purpose!" The pig then drew a knife and murdered the child. The pig then committed suicide.

The great irony of this tale is that, with both the pig and the child dead, nobody was able to hold the balloons and they floated away.