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First release: 2004

Named for: an element on the periodic table

Direct scan of characters from a typewriter I once owned.

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Single Sleeve

First release: 2010

Named for: record sleeves

Despite the name, the tipping point on this one came from lettering on the cover of a Fabian Original Novel. One of the more versatile ones, it is.

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Extended Play

First release: 2015

Named for: extended play records, or "EP"s

Extended play records are usually around twice the length of a standard 7-inch single. A font which is a wider version of the original typeface is sometimes given the label "Extended". So this font, which is a wider version of Single Sleeve, was named Extended Play. Yes, I waited five years between fonts just to make that joke.

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Underwood Champion

First release: 2008

Named for: the brand of typewriter used to create the source material

Another typewriter font, this one scanned by an online acquaintance.

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Hydrogen Type

First release: 2005

Named for: another element on the periodic table

It was made to look like the lettering on some types of cash register receipts. Just arrays of overlapping dots, really.

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