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Here are some answers to many of the Frequently Asked Questions which I receive regarding my fonts.

If your question isn't answered here or you require an answer with more specificity,

Do I require a license for using any of these fonts?

For free fonts: No license is required, no payment is required. These fonts may be used by anyone for any design or artistic purpose, whether it be personal, commercial, or charitable.

For Azudings 1: This font may be used for personal uses only. It cannot be used commercially as it contains images of copyrighted characters. I only made it because I love Azumanga Daioh.

For fonts from CheapProFonts: Information can be found here on the CheapProFonts site.

For fonts from These fonts should include an EULA with them, but I figure that once you've paid for it, it's yours to use as you like.

Do I need to credit Vic Fieger when using these fonts?

No, this isn't necessary. Credit is appreciated, if there's an appropriate spot for it, but there's no need to go out of your way for it.

What are the restrictions on using these fonts?

Please don't sell them. My free fonts are meant to be free for everybody and I don't want anyone getting the idea that they should have to pay for them. If you have to include a font file in/with a piece of commercial software so that it will function/display properly, that's fine.

Could you please make an alteration to a font for me? And why do so many of your fonts have incomplete character sets?

I'm sorry, but I'm not in the business of making alteration requests anymore.

As for the incompleteness of character sets,... Things were just different back in the period when I made most of these fonts. I had no clue that so many of them were going to become as popular as they did; I was just making them for myself, really. I didn't bother filling out the character sets on most of them because I didn't need to at the time, though I did go back and add many characters to quite a few of them later on. For fonts with complete character sets, does have versions of these for Armalite Rifle, Edo, Kremlin, Major Snafu, Siamese Katsong, and Xenophone.

Would you allow me to make an alteration to the font myself?

Yes, please do! I love to see how others choose to implement my fonts for their own purposes. If you feel something needs to be changed in order to better reflect your vision, go right ahead! My only request here is that these alternate versions not be distributed online, so that they can not be confused for the originals.

Your fonts are all display fonts. What would you recommend for free text fonts?

Liberation Sans
Exo 2 (free for personal use)

Liberation Mono
Lekton (free for personal use)

Liberation Serif
Linux Libertine

Do you accept donations?

I used to, but now I ask that you either donate to the Internet Archive or your local food pantry instead.