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First release: 2004

Named for: a word beginning with U indicating damage or harm

Meant to have a look sort of like a old, brittle rubber stamp. Not much else behind it other than that.

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Alpha Echo

First release: 2004

Named for: words in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet

The official first font ever posted to my site, first in a series of 26 which each began with a different letter of the alphabet. Like Umbrage, it was conceived as a rubber stamp type of look, though it may not come across that way.

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First release: 2004

Named for: a word starting with X referring to one who speaks a foreign language

Some characters in Xenophone were built around mimicking symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet. The letters were first drawn on the insides of cigarette cartons that I got from my job. Curves were made by tracing around coins.

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Quick End Jerk

First release: 2004

Named for: a bootleg XTC album (actually "Quirk And Jerk")

Similar to the "ransom note" lettering with which we're all familiar, though the restrictions here were that only sans serif capital letters would be used and that the letters themselves be distorted.

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Death To Smudgey

First release: 2009

Named for: a combination of the film title Death To Smoochy and the notion that the newspaper industry is not long for this world

Made using letters cut out from an actual newspaper, with some extra bits of graphical dross thrown in for good measure.

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Zero & Zero Is

First release: 2005

Named for: the song "7 & 7 Is"

The name refers to how the characters in this one were made entirely from numerals. Colorforms-like rectangles of clear vinyl sheeting bearing digits were cut up, stuck together, and taped down before being scanned in order to create this font. For example, each Z was made from a pair of sevens.

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