17 C 18 / Key passages are underlined

I've just found out that there is an uninhabited tropical island in Japan called Hashima which is filled with abandoned concrete buildings.

Just like that, life has purpose again.

17 C 05 / I HAVE NO SUN!

Two weeks ago, I bought a weather radio / flashlight / recharging device which recharges its own battery with solar power.

Anyone in the area who has been wondering why the sun hasn't come out for two weeks, there's your answer.

17 B 30 / I'm such a good employee

17 B 11 / The raining champion

Singapore has the best weather.

17 B 08 / Send it to Saget

A lot of people don't remember this now, but back when America's Funniest Home Videos was still in its first few seasons, critics and writers for other media treated it as if it were a harbinger of the End Times.

17 B 01 / Another prime number

I really am not an internet person. It's actually kind of an annoyance trying to come up with new stuff to post. I just don't have a lot to say most of the time.

Oh? So you've noticed?

16 V 26 / War Is Uber (If You Want It)

Have you heard about that stabbing that happened yesterday? On Christmas of all days, a woman was stabbed by her Lyft driver. Yes, that's right: a driver for Lyft. The Lyft driver stabbed her passenger during a fight in Boston. Nobody died, at least. Not sure why I'm mentioning this. I guess I just thought you'd like to know about the Lyft stabbing.

This post sponsored by Uber.

Update: I apologize. Uber did not sponsor that post. It was a joke and I admit that it came across a bit misleading. I'm quite sure that, unlike some other entities, Uber does not pay people to spread bad news about their competitors.

Uber would never do that. Uber is above that. They have never given me any money.

This update sponsored by Uber.

16 V 17 / Icy red

Twenty years ago, who would have ever guessed that the only thing on the news that you could trust would be the weather report?

16 S 30 / In the name of the moon

About that "super moon" from a few weeks back... was that supposed to have only been visible between certain latitudes? It looked pretty average-sized to me. I know I've seen "bigger" plenty of times, so is it possible I was just outside the splash zone on this one?

Update (Dec. 12): How about tonight's moon, though? THAT'S more like it!

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