17 V 14 / The name has been changed to protect the innocent

I work across the street from a deli called "Vinny's Roast Beef". I managed to correctly guess their wireless password on my third try. It's "roastbeef1".

17 S 11 / Proposal

Memo to makers of "industrial strength" Velcro: the glue which holds the Velcro strips in place should be stronger than the Velcro itself.

17 S 09 / All-time low

Record lows for the ninth of November all over Massachusetts today.

Man, winter came late this year.

17 R 12 / Johnny Dreamaway

It's astounding how dreams work, isn't it? I dreamed that my car was stolen, and I genuinely felt a sense of impending doom due to all the paperwork I knew that I was going to have to fill out and all the other general hassle such a situation would cause for me. And yet, the whole time this was going on, it never really dawned on me that I was accompanied by Rerun from What's Happening!! That's the sort of thing that usually does a number on one's immersion.

17 P 03 / "Dusk to 9pm"

Maybe it was a mistake, but it did have the exact same thing on the other side.

17 M 30 / Corporate re-blanding

It will be one year ago on Sunday when I made my post about how YouTubers are starting to feel the squeeze coming from advertisers. Then, in the interim, things got worse. And then they continued to get worse. Now it's gotten so bad that YouTube is going to turn into television, the very thing its audience was using YouTube as a replacement for in the first place.

The most innocuous of videos are being demonetized, such as those from the likes of Numberphile and Lazy Game Reviews. DIY entertainers are quitting or finding new outlets in droves. All because Big Media is a jealous god that couldn't handle a little competition from average nobodies.

If only there was some way of knowing the precise moment when an organization transmogrifies into a fun-hating corporate behemoth which caters to the whims of attention-hungry billion-dollar companies at the expense of the userbase; some subtle signal of unsalvageability that we could pick up on.



17 M 16 / Don't stare at the eclipse.

Don't stare at the eclipse.

17 M 01 / "Scarry" doesn't begin to describe it

I get the feeling that whoever wrote these synopses for "The Busy World Of Richard Scarry" may not have watched all of the episodes.

17 L 21 / In all its glory

Pictured above is a photo of a man about to throw a javelin. If a person who draws photo-realistic human bodies in genuine and candid stills rather than artistically staged poses was to produce something like this, it would be an object of ridicule.

The problem is that this is what's real.

17 K 29 / One of these things is not like the other

Clicked on a livestream of a school being built in Virginia. Something about those related videos just doesn't come off as being cohesive.

EDIT: I should mention that this is not based on my viewing history. I don't have a YouTube account, I block all cookies from Google and YouTube, I use Disconnect, and have never seen a video by this account or about this game before.

17 K 18 / No title

Either the town picks its photo for Google Maps, or Google picks it for them.

For the record, these buildings are gone now. They were mostly torn down last year and the smokestack, the last bit to go, went last month.

UPDATE: Ashland may have one that's even worse than Bellingham.

17 K 12 / 7 & 7 Is

It feels like every Channel 7 in America uses this same "7 in a circle" logo. If there is a reason for this, I'd like to be informed as to what that is.

I remember Boston's Channel 7 previously used a numeral 7 made from 7 small spheres prior to this design. The new logo first arrived right around the same time that they switched from CBS station WNEV to NBC station WHDH. I'm not sure if any of this is related.

17 K 03 / For a change

It's a bit unusual how American coins are sorted. Nickels are a little bigger than pennies, quarters are a little bigger than nickels, but dimes are smaller than pennies. So, the four major coins are worth, in order of smallest size to largest: 10 cents, 1 cent, 5 cents, and 25 cents. Also, they're all a silver color aside from the penny, which is copper.

Now, here's something I just realized the other day... All of this is exactly the same for Canadian coins as well. It's like they planned it this way.

Which brings up the question: what percentage of the American economy is just Canadian coins which have "accidentally" found their way into American pockets?

17 G 24 / ISlide corrected

Had an interview recently with a local company which already uses a font of mine on one of their products. (I suppose a link wouldn't hurt.)

I was asked to fill out an application once I was there, and the very end required me to draw a design for a pair of shoes as an example. I hadn't prepared anything ahead of time, so all I came up with was drawing a cat on one shoe, and having the other bear the words "My other shoe has a cat on it." It was supposed to be like that "My other car is a..." bumper sticker.

Not my proudest moment. Also, not the first time I drew a cat on an application. Other than that, I feel it went pretty well.

17 G 20 / See Logan run

Forbes' "30 Under 30" should be renamed "Logan's Heroes", and congratulations to everyone who gets why.

If you think that joke is in poor taste, then my site was hacked.

Unrelated: about the Singapore thing in my last post — it's been six weeks and so far I've only seen about four days with no sign of a chance of thunderstorms. I bet they get sick of it, though I still envy them.

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