18 G 16 / IT IS MAY

"Back to school"

"Halloween candy"

18 D 30 / Full of Easter promise

I think we're safe now. The snow seems to have breathed its last, and the vernal season may now begin in earnest.

18 B 01 / Dating game

Here's an idea — go through the next ten checks in your checkbook and write this on the date line:

"    /    /18"

That'll prevent a few reflex-driven slip-ups.

17 V 30 / Happy New Year

17 V 21 / Sitcom inflation calculator

The Andy Griffith Show, The Munsters, The Addams Family ×8
What's Happening!!, Diff'rent Strokes ×4
Newhart, 227, ALF ×2

(Amounts are rough approximations, adjusted for December 2017. Example: If ALF spends $500 on Willie's credit card, it would be about equal to $1000 in December 2017.)

17 V 16 / Is a dog

17 V 14 / The name has been changed to protect the innocent

I work across the street from a deli called "Vinny's Roast Beef". I managed to correctly guess their wireless password on my third try. It's "roastbeef1".

17 S 11 / Proposal

Memo to makers of "industrial strength" Velcro: the glue which holds the Velcro strips in place should be stronger than the Velcro itself.

17 S 09 / All-time low

Record lows for the ninth of November all over Massachusetts today.

Man, winter came late this year.

17 R 12 / Johnny Dreamaway

It's astounding how dreams work, isn't it? I dreamed that my car was stolen, and I genuinely felt a sense of impending doom due to all the paperwork I knew that I was going to have to fill out and all the other general hassle such a situation would cause for me. And yet, the whole time this was going on, it never really dawned on me that I was accompanied by Rerun from What's Happening!! That's the sort of thing that usually does a number on one's immersion.

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