I liked it when I could lift the lid off a cup of yogurt without seeing the Facebook logo and being asked to "Like us." I think capitalism worked much better when companies were more concerned with getting my business than my buying habits. I preferred when you could own the things you bought, rather than paying a regular subscription fee just to keep them functioning.

And I liked the internet much more when the websites weren't all in blog-format or Wikipedia knock-offs. Now, instead of dozens of unique-looking sites about [insert subject here], each with its own individual offerings that set it apart, you get two or three personality-free sites each giving you the exact same information verbatim, as if being recited from a press release.

This site isn't strewn with lists of links to other parts of the site along each vertical margin, because they're not necessary. There are no cookies, because they're not necessary either. I wanted this site to fulfill three goals:

1. It should be as easy for visitors to use and navigate as possible.

2. It should be as easy for me to maintain as possible.

3. It should look both original and engaging.

I do apologize to users of mobile devices. This site is designed for people to view on computer monitors, due to the large images and the links for downloading my fonts. For you, I have compromised my ideals and set up a Tumblr page so that they may do the heavy lifting.



I was born in the early 1980s. Other than that, anything about me worth knowing can already be found elsewhere on this site.